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BBQ PORK RIBS                                                             LEMON SALMON GRILL                  

Large Rack of Babyback Ribs                                      1 Large Salmon Fillet
Maurer's Essence (your Choice)                                 Maurer's Lemon/Garlic Olive Oil
1/2C. Chickpigcow Sauce for Mopping                      Maurer's Essence (your Choice)
1/2 C. Chickpigcow Sauce for Dipping                      1 Large Lemon Thinly Sliced
                                                                                          2 C. Sugar Water
Remove membrane from back side of ribs.                
Rub both sides with Essence liberally. Let                Place lemons in a pan of sugar  
ribs stand in refrigerator overnight. Remove            water and cook until tender. Rub
2 hours before cooking and let stand until               Fillet on both sides with Lemon/
they reach room temperature. Place on                     Garlic Olive Oil and place flesh
covered grill back side down and cook low-n-           side down on grill and cook until
slow (approximately 200 degrees) until tender.       grill marks appear. Turn fillet;
Mop with Chickpigcow Sauce during last 30             coat with Essence and cover
minutes of cooking. Remove from grill and               lightly with foil. Cook until done.
serve with heated Chickpigcow Sauce on side.         Place lemon slices on top and

GRILLED PEACH DESERT                                                GRILLED CORN ON COB

2 Large Ripe Peaches                                                     Corn on the cob with husk -
Maurer's Tangerine Olive Oil                                         remove silk
2 Scoops Vanila Ice-Cream                                            Maurer's Lemon/Garlic Oil
1/4 C. Pecans                                                                 Maurer's Essence (your choice)
(add whipped cream if desired)                                   (add salt if desired)

Peel and cut in half  both peaches and                      Open husks and rub kernels with
remove the stone. Rub with Tangerine Olive              Lemon/Garlic Olive Oil; sprinkle
Oil on all sides and place on preheated grill.           with Essence and close husks.
Grill each side until peach begins to                          Place on grill and cook, turning
caramalize. Place ice-cream in bowl and top            several times, until tender.
with peaches, pecans, and whipped cream.              Remove husks and serve.
Serves two.

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